Preparing your yard for winter

Labor Day has been and gone, which means summer is officially over.  Even though it’s still pretty warm and very sunny in SoCal right now, it’s a good idea to get your landscape prepared for winter.  Here are some pointers on what to do:

– Prune, prune, prune!

– Remember that winter is a great time to transplant – as your plant is dormant.  So, if you need landscaping, now is a great time to either a) get with a landscaper and get next years yard planned out or b) work out what changes you want to make to your yard.

– Plant winter plants like lettuce and cabbages in your vegetable garden.  If you’re in an area which can get frost (and we get it even in the LA area…) figure out if you want to keep things which will die in the frost  (like tomatoes or peppers) and figure out your protections strategy for them.

– Things are blooming away still, so make sure weeds are cut back and bagged before they go to seed.

– The holiday season is fast approaching.  Try and get your yard cleaned up now, before that final house cleaning rush which is inevitable to having guests over.

– Remember, it’s going to start getting darker sooner, so if you’ve been considering outdoor lighting, make your decision soon, so you don’t trip over your shrubbery when trying to get to the front door of your house in the winter months.

Those are what I think of when summer ends and fall begins, what about you?


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