Light it up!

I know I’ve said a few times that it’s getting darker, earlier – but with daylight savings time in full swing, it’s black by the time most of us get home from work.  It’s not only a safety hazard to have dark walkways, nighttime landscapes can be gorgeous when the lighting is installed correctly by a professional landscaper.

It’s definitely time to look at exterior lighting options.

One of the more popular options are LED lights.  I think this is because the bulbs last for a really long time and they require very little power.  The downside is that the fixtures themselves cost quite a bit.  But, in the long term, you save quite a bit of money on power. 

Another popular option is low voltage lighting.  The fixtures on these are less expensive, however, the voltage usually isn’t quite as low as the LED lights and they don’t last as long.

An additional option is high voltage lighting.  This is sometimes necessary for large light fixtures or for lighting up large areas.  For example, if you have a large patio you’d like to light up and/or be able to dim with dimmer switches, higher voltage lighting will be needed than lighting up a pretty fern.

Finally, there’s seasonal lighting.  It’s the time of year many homes add string lights and other light displays to their yards and landscapes.  You don’t have to celebrate a particular holiday to add beautiful string lights to lighten up your yard.

So, here’s hoping your landscape stays bright and beautiful!


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