Lot’s O’ Water!

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you had a very special holiday season and enjoyed your New Years celebration.

We’ve been getting a TON of rain over the last several weeks and of course more is expected.  I know the rain has been helping my mom’s lawn out (she doesn’t have sprinklers) and it looks like a veritable meadow.  On the other hand, all her outdoor potted plants are dying due to overwatering.  Not only that, the excess water is exacerbating any cracks in the mortar of her brick pathways. 

So, how to prepare our lawns, our yards and our hardscaping for the flash floods we get each year?

First of all, let’s take a look at the lawn.  As long as you have a nice, flat lot, it doesn’t matter if you have a horrible, dying lawn or a nice lush one.  Either way, a lawn can usually live 4 days or so under water.  So, if the lot is flat, the rain will help.  However, if you have a sloped lawn and it’s not doing so hot (as in there are patches of exposed dirt), the flash floods and harsh rain fall can wash the dirt off your property.

So, as you can imagine, on a sloping lot, it’s a good idea to re-seed or plant sod before the flash floods, or the plant some sort of cover crop like clover, vines or barley.  Or, you can take a look at your lawn and perhaps re-landscape to include a nice flower border or something like that to catch any run-off.

Next, let’s take a look at any potted plants on your property.  First of all, make sure you have nice pots made of something that can breathe.  Clay pots are great for that.  Additionally, ensure that there are holes are the bottom of the pot and the pot is raised off the ground somehow with space for the excess water to run off.  Perhaps this seems a little counter-intuitive in Southern California.  What I always do is put a pan underneath each pot to catch the extra water in the summertime, but one that can easily be drained out in the wintertime.

Finally, with regard your hardscaping, ensure that all your concrete or stonework is sealed over the summer.  This way, once the rains flood your yard, it’s less likely to wash away your mortar-work or create holes in the concrete.

You may be making some fun New Years resolutions this year. If so, take a look around your house and yard. Do you want to make improvements to your landscape? Tell me any of your ideas for the New Year!

So, here’s to a gorgeous, lush and lovely New Year!

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