Summertime Dreaming

We’re back in another cold spell.  April is my least favorite month because of the fluctuating weather.  Warm days bring me hope and make me consider spring and summer.  Cold days make me grumble about having to put a jacket back on and wear socks.

But, April is a great month for us all to dream about summertime.  It’s time for you to get prepped for the heat which is coming.  What does that mean you should do?  Here are some things to make sure you put on your “to do” (or “honey do”) list:

1. Make sure the timer on your sprinkler system is set.  Your lawn should be given a bit of time to let your soil dry between watering, but you don’t want it to be too dry.

2. Check your soil quality.  Right now is a great time to loosen up any clay soil by sprinkling some Epsom salts or Gypsum over your soil, then water periodically.

3. Plant all you can! Anything which you have in pots or any starts you were planning on buying should go into the ground ASAP. You want to have them in and partially established before the heat gets too much.

4. Feed your plants. If you’ve been keeping up a mulch pile, now is the time to spread that compost over the bare soil around your trees, flowers, etc. If you don’t have homemade compost, it’d be a good idea to buy some and cover up the bare soil to prevent it from drying out.

5. Get your lawn in shape. It’s not the time for re-seeding, but you can put down sod now and get it semi-established before summer.

6. Install sprinklers. I’ve tried to maintain a lawn in Southern California with no sprinklers before. It’s physically impossible.

7. Get everything you will need to make your yard how you want it. Hanging baskets, lawn furniture, a hammock, etc. If you need to hire a landscaper start interviewing now.

Here’s to a nice warm summer, with beautiful blooms and and a fun time in your yard.

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