Seeking Inspiration

Sometimes you have to go out on an adventure and get inspired.  I recently went out horseback riding in Topanga Canyon and was so inspired by both the natural beauty and the homes with their great landscaping.

Now that I’m inspired, I’ll pass on some ideas I had to you:

1. Exploit natural beauty and heat tolerant plants.  When I went horseback riding, there were gorgeous lavender, cactus, poppies, and other beautiful plants all over the place.

2. Bring the beach inland.  Get a beach feel with Creeping Red Fescue sod, palm trees, and more – much like this landscaping company did.

3. Install a garden. Do you love flowers or homegrown veggies like I do? Install raised beds or clear out a garden space.

4. Add a water feature. Fountains, ponds, etc. can be easy to install –  depending on the water feature. More complicated water features should be installed by a professional landscaper.

5. Go wild! Try some creative landscaping. Go quirky and show your personality!

So… here’s to a gorgeous, inspired landscape!


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