Pesky Pests

Spring and Summer time means that bugs are out in full force.   While you want to attract beneficial insects like ladybugs and bees, you don’t want those bad insects.  So, what are some easy, natural ways to prevent bad insects?

1. Install hardscape. This is a pretty obvious solution as bugs don’t eat cement or brick, no matter how pretty. 🙂

2. Keep your plants healthy.  The point of insects in nature is to aid damaged or dying plants in their demise.  So, if you keep your plants healthy and happy, you will have fewer bad insects.

3. Cut out anything that is dead. If you have dead limbs or leaves on your plants, just cut those off.  You can generally do this at any time of the year, as long as you aren’t actually pruning into living wood or leaves.  Also, keep an eye out for anything that looks like damage from disease or bugs and get help in nipping this in the bud.

4. Keep your soil mulched.  Bugs like stressed plants.  If your soil dries out too much, your plants will become stressed and attract bad insects.

5. Bring helpful insects to your garden.  You can buy ladybugs, release them early in the morning when it’s still cool and dewy out, then let them eat away at bad insects.

6. Keep any water features clean.  Don’t let standing water into your yard.  If you have a pool, keep the pump operational and ensure the proper upkeep is occurring.  A mosquito cesspool is never fun.

7. Don’t use pesticides that kill good insects.  A lot of pesticides will kill both bad and good insect populations.  This generally lets stronger pests move in and weakens your beneficial insect population.

8. Attract birds to your garden. Our fine feathered friends are happy to eat up your bugs. If you don’t have a lot of edible plants, they are an excellent option for your pest woes. 

9. If you have a bad infestation, it might be a good idea to consult a professional landscaper and find out what you can do with the soil and plants to handle your insect issue.

Here’s hoping your summer is pest-free!

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  1. […] Is your lovely lawn getting a tad brown?  Are your flowers a bit wilty?   With the high heat and intense sun of summer, your plants need some extra love and care.  While your enjoying the glorious summertime weather, putter around the yard add some fertilizer or compost to your yard.  The infusion of vitamins and minerals will brighten up your yard and help your plants hold onto the water.  Additionally, your healthy plants will help keep the bad insects away. […]

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