Fruits and Vegetables

I am growing fruits and vegetables in my garden this year, and I was wondering how to get the biggest bang for my buck.  Here’s what I’ve done so far:

1. Install sprinklers. There is no way I, personally, have time to go out every day to water my peas, tomatoes and cucumbers. They would die a sad, sad death if I didn’t have sprinklers. So, if you want a pleasant, producing yard and don’t want to pave it all over, get sprinklers installed.

2. Mulch. I over-mulched and had to uncover some of my poor sprouts, but now they are happy and growing.

3. Make sure to do things which attract bees. I planted sunflowers next to my corn, strawberries in a bucket next to my cucumber (but not in the same bucket), marigolds and other flowers in the ground next to the buckets containing my peas. This might be a bad set up for you – I have a big garden area where I can experiment with landscaping. So, check with a local landscaper to discuss what will work for you.

4. Thin out any straggly looking bits. Don’t let your plant waste energy on something that’s half dead, or not well-developed. Thin out any dying leaves or tiny fruits or veggies so that your plant can use all its energy developing larger, more delicious fruits and veggies.

This also works for keeping your blooming plants blooming and beautiful.

Here’s to a beautiful and delicious summer!

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