Protect your Plants

With this crazy weather, it’s good to know how to protect your plants.   Here are some ideas:

1. Help those roots go deep by staggering your watering techniques and ensuring your plants get a good long soak when you do water them.

2. Keep your soil mulched and amended as needed.

3. When the sun is intense, drag your most delicate potted plants under a patio or a tree.

4. With sudden, intense heat, mist your plants to keep them happy.  Generally speaking though, the soak above is your best bet.  And don’t do a fast, intense, soak, make it a gradual trickle of water to prevent run off.

5. Keep your plants free of dead leaves or anything which the plant’s energy would be wasted in trying to heal or grow.

6. An extremely aesthetic option is adding a fountain or other water feature to your yard.  This will create a consistent area of humidity for you to plant your most sensitive plants around.

7. Attract birds and other creatures to your yard. This may seem counter-intuitive, but birds will fertilize your yard to some degree, as well as help keep the plants pruned and the pesky pests eaten. Plus, they are pretty to look at.

8. Enjoy your yard. This also sounds a bit silly, but the more time you spend out in your yard, enjoying it, the more you won’t be able to help keeping it up and beautiful.

So, here’s to a summer filled with strange weather, but happy yards.

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