Child Friendly Landscaping

Some landscapes are better than others when it comes to having and hosting children.   While most kids don’t mind playing in the dirt, you might mind them there.  Here are some ideas for kid-friendly landscaping:

1. Raised beds.  It’s harder for smaller children to get into your vegetable garden or flowers if they are in a raised bed.  Additionally, raised beds allow you to control your child’s access to your garden.  You can ask for their help in the garden, and allow them access, while still allowing your plants to grow without interference later on.

2. Incorporating hardscaping into your landscape. Setting up spaces for kids to play, while still keeping your yard fun for adults, can be tricky. One way to do this is to set up a “backyard highway” – a place where children can play with larger toys, as well as roller skate or skateboard.

3. Set up a pot-hole-free section of your lawn. Creating a flat or slightly inclined section of lawn for kids to set up a slip ‘n slide, twister, or tea party can keep children safe and having fun in a comfortable, rock-free and trip-free environment.

4.  Install a patio space for barbeques, parties, etc that both children and adults can enjoy.

5. Set up a playground space.  Play spaces are pretty easy to set up, depending on the complexity of what you buy.  They can provide hours of entertainment for children both living and playing at your home.

All in all, the best idea for child-friendly landscaping is: a. safety first, b. a place both you and they can enjoy, and c. a place they can play without your worrying about a or b above.

Here’s to an enjoyable summer filled with laughter and play!


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