Roses, Glorious Roses

I love roses.  They are beautiful, they smell good, there are many varieties, and – if you live in Southern California – they are about to go through their second blooming cycle.

Here are some helpful hints for rose care:

– Prune your roses now for a nice October bloom.  They only need a light pruning for Fall, and newly planted roses should be deadheaded, not pruned all the way down.

– In the coming hot, dry weather, keep your roses well watered.  Remember, those Santa Anas are coming!

– Make sure your roses are fertilized with some good, organic fertilizers.  Roses do good with the ratio of Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium at 1:2:1.   While roses love constant fertilization, do not over fertilize!  You can always dig in a bit of fertilizer on week, then dig in a bit more in about two weeks.

– If you are having a hard time with pests, a great companion plant for your roses is garlic.  Garlic tends to deter harmful insects.  Make sure that, if you want to actually harvest the garlic, you plant the kind you buy from a garden store – not from the grocery store.

– It’s a good idea to get planters installed to hold your roses as you need good drainage. If your soil is compacted or not full of nutrients, your roses may survive, but not thrive.

Here’s to gorgeous, healthy roses!


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