Useful Pets

There are some pets which are extremely useful to your landscape (some of which you can only keep in specific sections of SoCal):

1. Goats: These are nature’s lawn-mower/fertilizer combo.  They make good pets, but they eat everything – as you have likely heard.  Also, if you do have a goat, make sure to let their manure compost properly.

2. Horses: Another fun lawn-mower/fertilizer combo, along with being lots of fun to ride and so on.  Again, you have to ensure their manure cures completely before using it as fertilizer.

3. Rabbits: These little rodents are another lawn-mower/fertilizer combo.  You have to ensure they have a place to stay out of the sun, and keep an eye out for hawks and other predators which might harm your pet.

4. Chickens: These birdies are great for fertilizing, but letting them run free without very high fences is not the best idea – as they can wander very far from home.  It’s a better idea to give them a bird run, and compost the hay or straw for fertilizer.  Also, I’ll tell you from personal experience – if you let chickens roam free, they will dig up any vegetables, fruits or bulbs you happen to be growing.  My garlic and onions were eaten by chickens before I had a chance to enjoy them myself, last year.

These are some unusual pets, and there are areas where you cannot have them.  But if you plan on keeping any of the above, make sure you consult with your local landscaper on the best place to keep them in your yard, as well as how best to shelter them, and what facilities you will need for them to be most comfortable.


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