Ideas for greening up your lawn

It’s Spring!  Happy Spring!  Here’s some ideas for getting your yard nice and green:

1. Feed me Seymour!  Feed your lawn with fertilizer.  Organic fertilizers are generally safe if you don’t know your soil quality.  If you use a chemical fertilizer, make sure to mix them correctly so you don’t burn your lawn.  Water in your fertilizers.

2. Add quick compost. A really easy (and cheap) way to do this is to mow your lawn and leave the clippings.

3. Get a whole new lawn.  If your lawn is hopeless, filled with weeds, dried up grass, etc, consider getting a new lawn installed.  Another idea is to get a hardscape installed.  You can even mix up the green and cement, like they did here.

4. This time of year is when your lawn will grow best.  Help the roots grow deeper for the summertime by giving your lawn long, slow drinks so the water soaks below the surface.

Here’s to a green spring!  Check out additional lawn care tips here for a brighter year.


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