Making your Landscape Work for you

“Urban Farming” is the new big thing.  You can certainly try this yourself.  Here are some fun ideas you can incorporate into your own yard.

For small yards: If you have a small yard, you can place various colored pots in sunny spots containing fruits and veggies (like strawberries, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, snap peas, and more) and place fun pots in partial shade for cool weather veggies (spinach, broccoli, etc), as well as herbs (like parsley, cilantro, mint, lavender, basil, etc).  You can also put up small trellises for things like peas, tomatoes, tomatillos, cucumbers, and more.  Don’t forget to include some pretty flowers in your pots to attract bees!

For mediums sized yards: If you have a pretty medium-sized yard with sunny wall space, you can plant grapes along your wall, while adding raised beds to the sunniest spots for your fruits and veggies.  Also, you can include a small lime tree or other size-regulated citrus tree.  With trees, one fun thing to do is plant shade veggies or flowers at the dripline of your tree.  This keeps the plants watered, and provides the shade they need.

For hillside yards: Hillside yards have the unique opportunity to be shaped into the perfect garden.  You can get a stairway installed through your hillside, and you can get your planters positioned for easy access.  In the planters you can literally plant anything – depending on the season.  In fact, you could probably start your own vineyard.

For beach property: You can totally plant delicious foods by the beach – either in planters (if your soil is too sandy) or directly into the ground.  Some veggies that work well at the beach are root veggies like radishes, carrots, and beets – other veggies that do well by the beach are lettuce and asparagus.  You can certainly try other plants.  Strawberries do well in some areas, as well as blueberries.

Finally, another thing to consider in your “urban farming”: we’re talking about your yard – not a real farm.  You don’t have to plant things in rows if that doesn’t work for your space.  You can plant exactly in the way that suits your available space, in a way that will also allow your plants to do well.

Here’s to delicious, home-grown, and sun-warmed fruits and veggies!


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