Pet Friendly Landscape

Your home and yard are likely not exactly places you want your pet digging in, dragging dirt around, and generally making a mess in.  If you are really fastidious, you can forbid your pet from going to the bathroom or digging in your yard.  But, this is often extremely hard.

Additionally, your issue may depend on the kind of pet you have.  Here are some ideas – depending on the pet:


Dogs are some of the harder animals to prevent from harming your yard.  You can assign a certain portion of your yard for your dog and exclude them to that area using a fence or other means.  Additionally, you can install hardscaping.  This obviously won’t prevent them from pooping or peeing, but it’s easier to clean up.  Dog runs can also be installed, which can double as pathways through your home.  Finally, if your dog pees on parts of the lawn, try to spray it with water right away to diffuse the nitrogen.

– Chickens:

Chickens are pretty tough to keep.  There are a lot of rules and regulations with regard what areas will allow you to keep chickens.  However, usually you can get a coop set up, then compost the straw and chicken waste for fertilizer.  Finally, if you let your chickens run while – try excluding them from any vegetables or flowers you have.  I had chickens once and they ate every vegetable sprout I had – and dug up my bulbs.

– Goats:

Goats need to be excluded from anything you don’t want eaten.  Goats eat EVERYTHING.  I recommend exclusion as your main course of action.


Horses can only be kept in certain areas of Los Angeles – like Shadow Hills.  You can often keep them in specific locations, but you can also create trails for them – which can be fun for you and the horse!

There are other interesting pets – like peacocks, sheep, rabbits, etc.  Peacocks are pretty much impossible to control, but most of these animals can be easily contained.  You just have to be willing to give up yard space for them.


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