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Happy Happy Holidays!

Guess what!  It’s almost Christmas Day!  I know, I know, not everyone celebrates it.  But, it is a great day for giving, forgiving and being with family.  I’m not going to make this a long post, but I wanted to make a quick last minute list for those of you who may be worrying about what to give your friends and family.

1. A little mini Christmas tree.  You can buy them pre-decorated and they’re super cute.  You can get trees which are not pre-decorated for those who may not celebrate Christmas, but who you want to get a little something something to.

2. A small pot with one or two seeds planted in it.  I personally always have something sprouting and it’s so fun to watch a plant grow – one day there’s bare soil, the next there’s a plant sprouting.  I think the prettiest to watch sprout are sunflowers – but I’m biased.  My favorite flower is the sun flower.  Either way, a lot of gardening stores are practically giving away seeds from previous years as they are less likely to sprout, so plant more than one seed.

3. An offer to help someone out with landscaping.  If you’re good at landscaping, or have the dough to hire a professional landscaper for a loved one, do it. It’s a great gift and it’s super fun for the recipient.

4. Fresh picked veggies, fruits or herbs from your garden. All I can say about this one is, yum.

5. A small bouquet from your garden. Have late roses or are their other flowers in your garden which are in bloom? Pick them and give them away for a pretty present.

So, that’s my quick list for all you last minute gifter’s this year.

I’m going to post this early this week, so there won’t be a Saturday post. Have a wonderful holiday weekend! Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas and I know this list won’t help anyone celebrating Chanukah, but no matter what your belief system, gift giving is always fun and most of these gifts are pretty easy to come by.

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Hardscapes – Preparing for next year

The weather outside may be frightful, but in spring and summer next year, you’ll want your hardscaping to look delightful.  So, now is the time to consider barbeques and outdoor activities which you’d like to take place when the weather warms up again.  Take a look at your yard, does that chain link fence need to go?  Is your cement or brick masonry crumbling or non-existent?  Do you dream of outdoor barbeques and entertainment?  Have you always wanted a waterfall?  Does it just look drab out there and you need a change?  Well, now is a great time to nab a professional landscaper and get your yard ready for spring and summer fun. It’s also a great present to give yourself, this holiday season.

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Fathers are notoriously difficult to shop for.  When we were young, it was simple – get dad a tie.  Easy, right?  Now that we’re a bit older, ties are out of the question.  The new question this stirs up is, “What in the world do I get the dad in my life for Father’s Day?”.  Well, here are some suggestions:

1. Offer him a day of yard work.

Is dad sick of mowing the lawn or weeding the flower border himself?  Does he normally employ a gardener?  Well, for those who are money-conscious and near their parent, this is a time-consuming gift that won’t cost you a lot out-of-pocket.  It’ll also save your dad the backache of getting out the mower or the financial stress of employing a gardener.

2. Offer to fix that broken mower that’s been sitting in his garage forever.

Does your dad have gardening items that simply don’t work anymore?  Are you good at fixing stuff?  If your answer to those questions is yes, you have the perfect storm for Father’s Day.  Fix that broken mower or weed-whacker.  If you and your dad bond over such things, get him involved and let him boss you around for the day. 

Alternately, if you do not know how to fix stuff (I know I don’t), you can offer to get his tools sharpened.  This way his hedge clippers, weed-whackers, mower blades and the like will be that much easier for him to use.  (Note: If you make this offer – don’t forget about the tools he uses for “honey-do” projects like handsaws, chisels, five-in-ones, etc.)

3. Give him an “IOU”.

Has your dad been talking about doing a landscaping project?   Do you have the money to fund such a project?  If so, give your dad an “IOU Landscaping” this Father’s Day, then hire a professional landscaper and let him realize his landscaping dream.

4. Buy him a plant.

Every year we can buy mom a plant or cut flowers for Mother’s Day and she’s happy.  Why can’t we buy dad something similar?  Some might claim a plant is not manly enough – but everyone needs greenery in their lives.  So, if you want to give dad something different this year, try one of these suggestions:

a. Get you dad a plant he can eat.

Get your dad a rosemary, parsley, mint, thyme or basil plant if he likes to cook.  Get him a tomato, lettuce or potato plant if he doesn’t.  If your dad is a “brown thumb”, get him something that’s already fruiting, so he’ll get yummy fruit or veggies out of it before he forgets to water it and it dies.

b. Get your dad a plant he can’t kill.

Take a hint from cube farms and get a plant that is almost impossible to kill.  Plants in this category are: Philodendron, Christmas Cactus, Jade plant, Chinese Evergreen, Spider plant, English Ivy and Snake plants.

I hope these gift suggestions help you while you consider what to get the father in your life this year.  Have a very happy Father’s Day!

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