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Geting Landscape Design Ideas

With Spring in full swing, it’s a good time to think about how you want to spend time out doors, in your own backyard.  Here are some ideas on how to do so:

– Take a look at yards and gardens around your neighborhood for inspiration.  This can both show you how a yard design will look with a particular home, and it will help you understand what grows well in your area.

– Visit public gardens.  You can get so much inspiration by visiting gardens and enjoying the various designs they have to offer.English Garden

– Take a look at books or magazines.  There are many design books and magazines that will help you understand what could look great in your yard.

– Search online.  There are many landscaping and gardening websites that can provide slideshows, before and after pictures, and other ways for you to get ideas.

– Talk to a landscaper.  When you have an idea of the type of yard you want, get in touch with your local landscaper and get their take on the matter.  A pro will have more knowledge and experience with regard to what goes where.

It’s always fun to design your yard to be completely perfect for your needs.   So, here’s to a great summer enjoyed in the perfect backyard!


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Planning for Drought

Southern California is known for its drought situations.  Often, we have to conserve our water usage and be frugal with our plants.  This can negatively affect your yard unless you prepare for it.  Here are some ideas which can give you a lovely yard, which will still be ok during a drought.

1. Plant ornamental grasses, succulents, and other plants which are drought tolerant.  This will reduce watering needs in the long run.

2. Choose native plants.  Natives are specifically designed to thrive in the Southern California environment – they are from there after all!

3. Put water trays under your potted plants.  Keeping a tray of water beneath your potted plants doesn’t detract from their looks – and it keeps the plant hydrated.

4. Put your plants on a schedule.  Keeping to a specific watering schedule will cause your plants to know how to react to drought situations.  If you’ve already trained them to dig deep for water, they won’t have as much trouble when it’s hot and dry out.

5. Utilize your hardscape.  If you like to have gatherings, consider hardscaping over that hard to maintain lawn.  You can add potted plants for greenery, and you won’t be damaging plants each time you meet with your friends and family.

Here’s to a green, hot summer!

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Hardscaping Choices

The summer season is the time of year we all enjoy our outdoor living space the most.  It’s also the time when the flaws in our outdoor space is most demonstrable.  Here are some factors to take into account when deciding on what you need to change or upgrade in your outdoor living space.

1. What do I want to do with the space?

Do you want to entertain? Have barbeques? Enjoy your deck with your significant other?  All these factors will tell you and your landscaper what material should be used, as well as what greenery and plant life would be appropriate. 

2. What’s the weather like where you live?

If you put in wood decking, will you experience excessive rain or termite damage?  What can prevent this? What other materials might be better?

3. Is there a certain style or look you’re going for?

Classic brick paths may be perfect for your home, or you might be going for a more modern style  where cement or flagstone could work better. 

4. Do you have children or elderly people in your home?

This might change your ideas on handrails or grip tape.  Additionally, you may reconsider steps in favor of a ramp. 

5. How will the color scheme work?

You don’t want your professionally landscaped yard to look haphazard at any stage of the game.  Make sure you know what color scheme you’re going for and stick to it. 

Do you know you want to do something with your yard, but you’re just not sure what? Check out this landscaping photo gallery for ideas.

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What is Landscaping?

In seeking to create order in the world, man had to try to conquer Nature. Though this is a tough proposition, we persevered and created plots of land where we grew barley and wheat. Some men conquered large swathes of land and claimed they owned that area. They created gardens for pleasure and necessity. This is really the first landscaping. It was done both out of an aesthetic appreciation of controled nature and the necessity to eat.

The Encarta defines a “landscape” as: Visually distinct scenery. So, by extrapolation we can see that “landscaping” would be the creation of such scenery. The Encarta agrees with this calling “landscaping” Enhancement of land.

So why, then, is the average American obsessed with owning lawns, large and small? Though lawns can be gorgeous (and are great for kids playing slip ‘n slide) they are also tedious water hogs. Landscaping is so much more than a nice lawn.

Here are some landscape photo galleries which display the different and wonderful ways you can “enhance your land”. Keep in mind that this is landscaping in Los Angeles and Ventura County. But man, is it some beautiful work.

So, in closing, may your water bill stay low and your gardens be bountiful.

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