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It was a dark and stormy night

Just when we thought Spring was coming along, crazy weather hits.

When you know a storm is coming along, here are some things you should do to “batten down the hatches” and protect your landscape.

1. Protecting your lawn:  As pointed out in a previous post, your lawn can usually survive for up to four days under water, so it should be okay when an extreme rain comes along. An additional preparatory tip you can make sure you use is always keep your lawn well-fertilized and create a drought tolerant lawn.

2. Protect your furniture: Make sure to bring any cushions and so on in-doors and ensure your furniture is covered. You can do this by placing tarps over the furniture (as long as you have them securely fastened down) or by dragging your deck furniture into the garage.

3. Protect from debris: There is truly only so much you can do in this light, but if you know there will be a big storm with lots of wind and rain, try to cut off anything dead from your plants, as well as pick up any loose trash and such in your yard. If you set a good example in this, you can encourage your neighbors to do the same and prevent debris from landing in your yard, and in the sewer system.

4. Protect your potted plants: Lots of wind and rain can flood and topple potted plants. Move them to a sheltered location such as a covered patio or your garage. If they are far to heavy to move, make sure the pot is securely positioned against toppling over.

5. Keep an eye out for any area in your yard that floods: If you encounter lots of flooding and not enough drainage in your yard, you can always consult a professional landscaper to solve your issues.

Here’s hoping your “dark and stormy nights” begin and end with you warm and safe.


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