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Designing a Drought Tolerant Yard

This time of year is usually filled with chilly weather and rainfall, but so far it has been dry and warm here in Southern California.  This may lead to some strict rules regarding watering ever-thirsty lawns.  So, instead of adding to the problem, here are some ideas for a drought tolerant and beautiful yard:

Go native:  Penstemon Husker's Red

We have so many wonderful native plants here in Southern California – and because they are native they are perfectly suited to our weather.   Some really wonderful plants are: Baby Blue Eyes, Black-Eyed Susan, Buckeye, California lilac, California poppy (our state flower), Calliopsis, Chaparral, Desert Evening Primrose, Fir, Fried-Egg Flower, Godetia, Hollyhock, Hummingbird Trumpet, Joshua Tree, Lavender, Penstemon, Ribbon bush, Sea Pink, and Sedum.

Plants that are used to our climate and the cyclic droughts we have can survive better with less water than plants from areas that get a lot of water.

Plant succulents: Stonecrop

Succulents and cactus are a natural fit for our desert-y climate. They hold in water for a long time and can survive in hot, dry weather.  Some great cactus plants and succulents for the yard are: Agave, Aloes, Bunny Ear Cactus, Campfire Crassula, Desert Rose, Golden Barrel Cactus, Hens-and-Chicks, Macho Moca Mangave, Star Cacti, and Zwartkop.

Utilize artistic arrangements: iStock_000010193902XSmall

Don’t just use plants to decorate your yard. Try out gorgeous rocks, arrange outdoor art pieces, or set up a dry fountain and plant it with succulents. There are such a huge variety of stone, brick, cement, and even metal materials you can use to make your yard look amazing without having to water it.

Even if you don’t go grass free, you can find many water saving tips and suggestions here.  Here’s to some rainfall this year!


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Drought Tolerant Landscaping

It’s been a dry-ish spring, which can lead to a tough year for wide green lawns here in SoCal.  It can also be a tough year on the wallet with high water bills, too.iStock_000006642623XSmall

So, I thought I’d give some ideas for a drought tolerant landscape.

Plant natives

Plants native to Southern California tend to do better with our temperature fluctuations  and with our water shortages.  While they may take a little bit to establish, once they have their roots system set up, they are great for a SoCal yard.

Install Hardscaping

You don’t have to water hardscaping.  Additionally, there are many, many options when it comes to hardscaping. You aren’t stuck with cement or stone. You can get pebbles, gravel, brick, and much, much more.

Water the root system

You can get a drip system for your landscape, which waters the root system rather than shooting water onto the tops of plants.  This means that the root system of the plant is trained to go deeper for water, so the plant is more drought-tolerant.  It also reduces water waste.

You can find a ton more water saving tips here.

Here’s to a wetter year than we’ve had so far!

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