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Garden Design Ideas

There are some great garden designs which you can copy for your garden:

1. Traditional kitchen garden.  This is a garden with a central pathway and several pathways leading off so you can reach your square plots of veggies, herbs and fruit.  If you are worried about your soil quality at all, you can always install raised beds with high quality soil.  If you are looking to grow various veggies and herbs, make sure to rotate them and plant them with complimentary plants.

2. Woodland path garden.   This is a garden with benches shaded by trees and complimentary flowers and other plants which can deal with shade.  When accompanied by paths which wind beneath trees, it’s a pretty combination.

3. Hillside garden.  Hillside homes can be tough.  If you decide to install various plants throughout your hillside, make sure that adding extra soil won’t cause any instability in your hillside with proper fencing and so on.

4. Patio garden.  If you have a patio with tiles, you can simply remove some tiles and plant some perennials.  Take inspiration from this yard and add pots and plants throughout your hardscape.

5. Zen Garden.  Zen gardens are peaceful and generally low maintenance.

6. Southern California Garden.  Planting traditional plants all through your garden and pulling from your local resources can not only make a gorgeous garden and attract local animals to your yard, it’s a great way to save on water while still keeping greenery in your yard that aren’t just cactuses.

Here’s to a gorgeous yard, unique to you and your needs.


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Gardens that Inspire

Sometimes, it’s hard to come up with a neat new idea for a garden. You can of course, ask your professional landscaper, but it’s always fun to get out and about for inspiration. Since I can’t just walk through someone’s backyard for landscaping ideas, I like to check out gardens.

Here are some gorgeous gardens that will hopefully inspire:

In Thousand Oaks: Canejo Valley Botanical Garden and

Gardens of the World

In Camirillo: Royal Gardens

In Pasadena: Huntington Gardens

In La Canada: Descanso Gardens

In Los Angeles: The Arboretum and The Getty Museum

I hope you are able to go out and enjoy these wonderful gardens!

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