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Preparing for Rain

The Los Angeles area has many different microclimates.  There could be sunshine in Glendale, while it’s raining in Agoura Hills.  That’s exactly what is supposed to happen – just in time for all those Halloween ornaments to get drenched!
Here are some ideas for rain proofing your yard:

– Bring any lawn furniture that is out in the open either indoors or under cover.  My preference is underneath my covered patio so I can enjoy the rain and stay dry.

– If you have any paper or cardboard ornaments up, unfortunately you should take them down.  In future, try buying plastic ornaments.  Also, any ornaments you do have out, make sure they are anchored so that if the ground gets muddy they don’t fall down.

– Get a cover installed over your patio.  I’m a big fan of covers over patios and such – they shade you from the sun and protect you from the rain.  If you really want to get into it, try getting your patio enclosed and installing heat and a/c in there.  That way you can enjoy your outdoors while being comfy.

– Make sure to replace any outdoor lights or get some installed.  The nights are getting longer, and with the rain you need some extra lights.  Talk with your landscaper if you need to replace your lights, they may have some great, bright ideas.

Overall, no matter which microclimate you live in, whether your landscape is in Agoura Hills, Glendale, Ventura, Hollywood, or anywhere else, get prepared for rain.

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Preparing Your Lawn for Halloween

This time of year, you have to prepare your poor lawn for the tramping of feet as well as any decorations you have.  Here are some ideas to keep your lawn presentable this time of year:

– Create a well-lit, obvious pathway for people to walk upon.  If you have an awkward path, like one which comes off of a driveway, make sure to keep the area leading up to the path clear of cars, decorations, or any other obstructions, and ensure the area you want people to walk on is well-lit.

– Use more hanging decorations than lawn decorations.  This helps keep your lawn happy and un-squished.

– Weigh your options.  Before you begin to chisel stones for your Halloween graveyard, consider finding a lighter item which will have minimal impact on your lawn.  This is a tough one, since this is a windy time of year, but if there’s something which holds your lawn decorations to the ground, it may be a better option than putting something heavy on your lawn.

If you have some great decorations that are rather heavy, see how much of them you can confine to your porch.

– Add colored lights in unexpected places.  It may seem counter-intuitive to create a spooky atmosphere by adding light, but it can actually help add to the atmosphere by putting up temporary lights of various colors around your property.  This also makes your home that much safer for kids coming to your door.

All in all, consider safety first when you decorate your home for this fun and spooky holiday!

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Spooky plants – just in time for Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!  Here’s hoping you have a safe and enjoyable Halloween!

Here are some spooooooookkkkyyyy plants for this Halloween:

Ghost pumpkin. “Little spooky” (pumpkin), Devils tongue lettuce, Devils club, Skull caps, Vipers bugloss, Rush skeleton weed, Eyeball plant, The bat plant, Dead mans fingers, Dragons blood, Abracadabra Hydrangea, Ghost weigela, Handsome devil viburnum, Bloody butcher sweet corn, Bloody butcher tomatoes, Love lies bleeding, Voodoo lily, Witch hazel,
Witches butter, Corokia phantom, Deadly night shade, Corpse flower, Death camus, The horse dung fungus, Crocosmia lucifer, Dogs snout apple, and Sheep’s head apple.

While not all these plants would survive here in SoCal, you can always consult with your local landscaper to see which you can plant for next years Halloween garden display.


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Spooky Landscapes

It’s almost Halloween, so I thought I’d bring up some creative landscaping ideas:

1. Line your walkways with lights and small pumpkins.

2. Install gourd and pumpkin bird houses – both to attract birds and to enjoy the season.

3. “Dress up” your trees by hanging fun Halloween decorations from them, adding fake spiderweb or installing a mouth and eyes into the trunk.

4. Add spooky plants.  Plant spindly air plants, line your walk with cornstalks and pumpkins, prop cornstalks by your door, pile gourds and squash around the base of your trees and bushes.

5. Stuff “scarecrows” by buying costumes and stuffing them with straw or stuffing.  You can put them on your porch as a spooky purveyor of treats, or you can prop them up around your yard.

6. Buy real scarecrows and put them around your yard in unexpected places, on a tree branch, hiding behind a tree or bush, or just with their legs showing a la The Wicked Witch of the East.

7. Put fake candles all around your yard (real ones are a fire hazard).

8. Use a blow up display – it will smash your grass a bit, but doesn’t really damage irreparably.

Here’s to a fun and spooky Halloween!  If you have other ideas on how to dress up your yard this year, without damaging your yard, let me know!

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Healthy, Happy Lawns

It’s a great time of year to really keep your lawn happy and healthy to show off when October 31st rolls around.

Here are some ideas as to how to do this:

– Keep deep watering your lawn. This allows your lawn’s roots to go deeper as well as seek richer soil and more water sources during this dry fall season.

Water in the wee hours of the morning. This prevents root rot, and makes sure the water soaks into the ground before it has time to evaporate.

– Cover up any open patches of dirt. If you have sections of your yard on which grass simply won’t grow, cover them up with compost, wood chips or hardy plants.

– Overseed and feed your lawn. This lets your lawn regenerate with healthy new sprouts, along with keeping the older, deep-rooted lawn fed and happy.

– Watch for water run off. If your lawn is sloped or irregular, it’s a good idea to see where the water is going. Consult with your local landscaper about sorting out any water run off problems.

– Try to keep decorations and people off your lawn. You can do this by hanging neat Halloween decorations on trees or stringing them between lamps or other tall objects. Additionally, you can make sure your paths are well-lit to light the way for children and their parents as they come to your home to seek treats.

Here’s to a fun and colorful Autumn!

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Happy Halloweeeeeeennnnnnn

It’s Halloween time!  So, this isn’t going to be a long post.  Just a little reminder to clean up your yard before tomorrow night’s Halloween festivity.  Even if you don’t plan on handing out candy or don’t celebrate Halloween, ensuring you have a clean, well-lit pathway and easy-to-navigate steps.   That way, if you’re not handing out candy, kids can see your sign and move on.

If you have a dark pathway, it may be time to think about getting with a landscaper to install lights so you can see at night easily.  It’s getting darker earlier, and it’s never fun to trip your way to the front door and fumble with your keys.

Here’s to a safe Halloween evening!

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