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Decorating with Edibles

One fun way to change up your landscape is to decorate with edible plants.  You can do this to add a pop of tasty color, or to create a more textured sensory experience.  Here are several edibles that you can utilize in your yard:

Instead of low-growing bushes:

Plant rosemary, lavender or sage.

Instead of border flowers or greens:

Plant rhubarb, lettuce, cabbages, oregano, basil, chives, sweet marjoram, parsley, Japanese eggplant, hot peppers, strawberries, spinach, broccoli, kale, or swiss chard.  In many cases, you can get a variety that has bright flowers or colors.  Some of these plants are for warm weather – while other are cool weather plants, so you can have a bright and green border year round!

Instead of a flowering vine:Grapes

Plant kiwi, goji berry, passion fruit or grapes.

Instead of a semi-evergreen shrub:

Plant blueberries

Instead of grass or other ground cover:

Plant cranberries, lingonberries, strawberries, mint, fava beans, spinach, broccoli raab, ornamental peppers, chamomile, dill and oregano.

Instead of an evergreen tree:

Plant a fruit tree like a lemon, lime, orange or peach tree.

Instead of a statement plant:

Plant artichokes, peas, tomatoes, brussel sprouts, and raspberries.

Those are just some alternative landscaping ideas.  So, here’s to a year of enjoyable yards!



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Amping up your driveway

Your driveway doesn’t have to be a plain ol’ concrete driveway.  You can change it up if you want.  Here are some ideas:

– Get stone installed into your driveway. Instead of plain concrete, you can make your driveway into a hardscape by installing cultured stone slabs. Or, you can get stamped concrete installed. This adds new depths to the front of your home.

– Paint and seal your driveway concrete. You can brighten up the front of your home by painting your driveway concrete a different color than the normal gray, then getting it sealed.

– Install a border garden on the side of your driveway. Make your driveway into a stately welcoming party by adding shrubs or flowers along the border. Just be sure that your driveway is wide enough that your car’s tires won’t harm the plants.

– Try or brick to various parts of your driveway, making it less of a concrete slab and more of a work of art. You can also try installing brick or stone as a border to your driveway, making the concrete section look fancier.

– If you have a long enough driveway, add trees on each side to give it a stately appeal and to add privacy to your home. Blocking your home from view makes it more of a centerpiece when you emerge from the tree-lined drive to see your house.

These are just some ideas. They don’t have to be specific to driveways though. You can do any of the above to walkways in the back of your home as well.

Here’s to that welcome-home feel you get each day as you drive up to your home.

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