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Fall Lawncare

This time of year is a great time to focus on your lawn.  So, here are some tips for your caring for your lawn, during this time of year: mowing lawn

1. Feed your lawn: The type of fertilizer might change depending on the type of grass, but pretty much any kind of grass can benefit from fertilizer this time of year.

2. Spread some seeds: Overseeding can give your lawn new life.  A general rule is to mow your grass very short, then apply seed generally.  After this, it’s a good idea to add mulch and let your grass grow.

3. Help out damaged sections: You can remove damaged sections of grass, work in compost, aerate, level the surface and plant new grass.

4. Get help with weeds: Weed and feed is one version of weed control.  You can also identify weeds and use good ol’ elbow grease, or you can rip up your old lawn complete, add compost and other soil amendments, and then replant from there.

5. Change up your grass type:  There are so many types of grass available nowadays.  Check out other options if you are sick of your lawn’s look or the maintenance it needs.

There are many other things you can do to improve your lawn.  Check out more tips here.

Here’s to a lawn that stays green all year long!

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Weeding Made Easier

No one likes to weed.  It’s uncomfortable and strenuous work, and often can feel as if it is never ending.  However, there are ways you can make the weeding process a little easier.  Here are a few:

– Try using a weed and feed product.  There are many products that work to kill weeds while fertilizing your lawn or plants.  Take a look and see what is available in your garden store.Pulling Weeds

– Keep your plants and lawn healthy.  One great weed prevention method is keeping the plans you intend to live in a certain area healthy with fertilizer, mulch, and more.  Using mulch does double duty – it protects the plants you want while making the soil looser so you can yank out the weeds you don’t want.

– If your yard is really weed-choked, consider starting over.  Talk to your local landscaper about your options.

– Grow another aggressive plant.  There are many types of plants that might be able to out-grow your weeds.  Mint and grass are very aggressive plants, and there are many others that could out perform the weeds that are troubling you.

– Keep your yard aerated.  If your soil is solid, it may be hard for anything except weeds to grow in it.  Additionally, hard soil makes it difficult to yank out the weeds.  Try aerating or amending your soil as much as possible.

Here’s to a weed-free yard!


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Preparing Your Lawn for Halloween

This time of year, you have to prepare your poor lawn for the tramping of feet as well as any decorations you have.  Here are some ideas to keep your lawn presentable this time of year:

– Create a well-lit, obvious pathway for people to walk upon.  If you have an awkward path, like one which comes off of a driveway, make sure to keep the area leading up to the path clear of cars, decorations, or any other obstructions, and ensure the area you want people to walk on is well-lit.

– Use more hanging decorations than lawn decorations.  This helps keep your lawn happy and un-squished.

– Weigh your options.  Before you begin to chisel stones for your Halloween graveyard, consider finding a lighter item which will have minimal impact on your lawn.  This is a tough one, since this is a windy time of year, but if there’s something which holds your lawn decorations to the ground, it may be a better option than putting something heavy on your lawn.

If you have some great decorations that are rather heavy, see how much of them you can confine to your porch.

– Add colored lights in unexpected places.  It may seem counter-intuitive to create a spooky atmosphere by adding light, but it can actually help add to the atmosphere by putting up temporary lights of various colors around your property.  This also makes your home that much safer for kids coming to your door.

All in all, consider safety first when you decorate your home for this fun and spooky holiday!

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Ideas for Organic Weed Control

Southern California has gorgeous weather year-round, which means we get wonderful flowers, bountiful crops, and lots of weeds.  Here are some organic weed control ideas for your yard:

If it’s your lawn that’s getting weedy, try these ideas:

  • Keep your lawn mowed.  This means the weeds can’t get too big and cannot develop seed heads.
  • Compost and/or fertilize.  Keeping your lawn fertilized and healthy allows your grass to fight any encroaching weeds.  Just make sure that if you area using manure, it’s been well cured to kill off any weed seeds before you use it.  You don’t want to add to the problem!
  • Overseed your lawn.  It’s not the time of year for it, but if your lawn is patchy and weedy this year, try overseeding in fall or winter for a better lawn next year.
  • Aerate.  If your lawn has never been a happy one, consult with a landscaper and see if you may need to aerate it.  Some weeds can live on dense, clay soil, but grass has a hard time with this kind of soil, so won’t be able to prevent weeds from taking over.
  • Find an organic weed and feed.  There are products you can buy which actually are organic, and help your lawn while harming the weeds.
  • Yank ’em out.  This is always an easy way to organically get rid of weeds.  Try to pull them up and get their roots out of there.

If it’s your yard or garden which is getting weedy, try these ideas:

  • Compost and/or fertilize.  This helps in three ways:  1. The fertilizer and/or compost will leach nutrients into your soil which will help your plants grow strong and fend off parasites and weeds, 2. Adding content to your soil structure can make your soil nice and crumbly – perfect for yanking out weeds without pulling a muscle, and 3. The compost prevents light from reaching the weeds, killing them off.
  • Pour boiling water over the weeds.  If you have just a few weeds, or the weeds are pretty isolated, try pouring boiling water over them for a few days.  Experiments show that this can kill them.
  • Get a sharp hoe and cut them off just your topsoil.  A sharp hoe can go a long way toward cutting weeds out of your property.
  • Spread corn gluten meal over areas where you’ve already pulled up weeds, and you don’t want them to return.  The corn gluten meal is supposed to stop new seeds from sprouting – so don’t plant seeds in those beds, just plants that have already been started.
  • Find an organic weed killer.  There are several you can find in garden stores which are organic.
  • If your yard is taken over by weeds and you have no idea what to do, try this: Rake out as many weeds a possible.  Wet the soil.  Cover it with plastic for about six weeks.  The heat and sun will kill the weeds, leaving you with soil that can now be planted.  This is best done around late spring/early summer.

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Ideas for greening up your lawn

It’s Spring!  Happy Spring!  Here’s some ideas for getting your yard nice and green:

1. Feed me Seymour!  Feed your lawn with fertilizer.  Organic fertilizers are generally safe if you don’t know your soil quality.  If you use a chemical fertilizer, make sure to mix them correctly so you don’t burn your lawn.  Water in your fertilizers.

2. Add quick compost. A really easy (and cheap) way to do this is to mow your lawn and leave the clippings.

3. Get a whole new lawn.  If your lawn is hopeless, filled with weeds, dried up grass, etc, consider getting a new lawn installed.  Another idea is to get a hardscape installed.  You can even mix up the green and cement, like they did here.

4. This time of year is when your lawn will grow best.  Help the roots grow deeper for the summertime by giving your lawn long, slow drinks so the water soaks below the surface.

Here’s to a green spring!  Check out additional lawn care tips here for a brighter year.

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