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Fun Ideas for Enjoying Your Backyard in the Colder Months

Even though we are approaching the cooler months, we can still take advantage of our backyard spaces.  Here are some fun and creative ideas for making your yard the go-to place over the winter and spring:

  • Keep it shady.  It seems counter intuitive to utilize your trees when it’s not hot, but when it’s threatening rain, setting up a little conversation area beneath a tree might be just the right spot.  You can use a fun colored Backyard pavilionbackyard umbrella or pull down the patio covering to achieve a similar affect.
  • Cook outside.  Just because it’s fall or winter doesn’t mean you have to abandon the barbecue.  Set up an outdoor kitchen and enjoy the food from your enclosed patio, dining room, gazebo, or firepit.
  • Plant a variety.  The holidays don’t have to leave your yard barren.  You can plant new bushes, trees, and seasonal flowers.  These plants will not only look great, you will get birds and other animals visiting over the winter and give them a place to hang out when other homes may have a little less variety for them to enjoy.
  • Build an outdoor space you can enjoy all year round.  If you don’t have a patio, deck, pavilion or other place you can enjoy throughout the year, it may be time to build one.  One thing to think about is whether you want an outdoor fireplace, firepit, or kitchen area.  Also, consider if you want want the option to remove the roof covering or if you want something permanent.iStock_000016466276XSmall
  • Revamp that tool shed.  We all have seen an old, dilapidated tool shed in someone’s backyard.  If that someone is you, consider making that old structure into a space you, your family, and your guests can enjoy.  You can tear it down completely and create a hardscaped area to enjoy or you can revamp it into a fun hang out.
  • Place covered spots along your walkways.  If you have benches along your walkways or paths, put a cover above them so you can sit snug, even if it’s raining, and enjoy the outdoors

All in all, you aren’t banned from the backyard just because of some chilly weather.  Make your own space that you can enjoy all-year-round.  Here’s to a fun and creative holiday season!

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Fun Front and Back Yard Projects

Your front and back yards are just as much part of your home as your living room or dining room.  If they are just green lawns, you may not be able to utilize the space for enjoyment or relaxation.  So, here are some fun ideas for back and front yard improvements which will help you create a lush, comfortable outdoor place for you and your friends and family to enjoy.Trellis

  • Screen your front or back patio off with trellises of fragrant flowers and climbing vines.
  • Create a “planter bench” by drilling holes into a wooden bench, installing ceramic pots below, and plant them up.
  • Add to your “pad” by hardscaping a pad large enough for a small firepit or a couple of chairs to relax in.  Stone, wood, or brick is beautiful for this place of escape.
  • Instead of staring at your lawn, eat on it!  Make it a picnic area with your standard blanket and basket, or have a fancy dinner with a dining room table, chairs, and more.  You can decorate with string lights held up by PVC pipes, potted plants, or strategically placed landscape lighting.
  • Build a “living wall” of greenery.   You can get your landscaper to create a vertical garden with beautiful greenery like spider plants, basil, coral bells, elephant ears, and more.
  • Bring the beach home by designing your backyard with sand, gravel, driftwood and beach plants.  Finish with a Hardscapingconversation pit with a fireplace in the middle and you can have a beach bonfire at home.
  • Create an outdoor kitchen by installing a barbecue area with extra counter space and a full table.

These are just some of the many many ways you can make your front and back yard a space to be enjoyed.  Here’s hoping your have an enjoyable year in and out of doors.


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Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

In summertime, it’s always fun to entertain outdoors.  Here are some fun ideas:

– Try out installing an outdoor kitchen by adding a barbecue area to your patio.  It’s a great idea to include a shady area, a table-top space, a fan, and more.

– Adding a fire pit is always a fantastic space for late-night get-togethers, family fun, etc.

– Install an entire outdoor fireplace and chimney to your patio area for night-time gatherings and marshmallow roasting.

– Put a putting green in your backyard.  Or, if you’d like a permanent lawn – try adding fake grass.

– Set up a hammock.  Even if you lack trees, you can still get a hammock with a shade installed into your yard.

– Have extra space? Try adding a shuffleboard or tennis court. Don’t have quite that much space? Try a jacuzzi or a permanent trampoline.

– Find fun outdoor games and set your space up for them.  For example, if your family likes slip ‘n slide, get your lawn sloped slightly and try not to get sprinklers installed right in the way.  If you want to play a yard game like horseshoes or bocce ball, set up a permanent space for your games.

Here’s to a fantastic summer!

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