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Brightening up your yard

Right now is a wonderful time to plant.  Here are some ideas on flowers and veggies to plants, as well as ideas on brightening up your yard:

– Use brightly colored pots in your yard.  You can put your plain ol’ pots in some brightly colored pots or, if you have clay pots, paint them.

– Line your walkways with bright plants, like pansies, marigolds or nasturtiums.  You can also plant pretty local Southern California flowers like California lilac, godetia, pineleaf penstemon or hummingbird trumpet in pots around the yard, or in your yard.

– Now’s a great time to plant your garden veggies and herbs.  You can plant tomatoes, basil, cucumber, snap peas, and more.

– Install string lighting through your trees and bushes.

– Put a fountain, pond, waterfall in your yard for the sparkly, running water sound.

– Install window boxes, put boxes on any handrails, and put pots on your hardscape areas.   You can also install pots on your fence railing so pretty flowers can peak over your fence.

Here’s to a beautiful Spring!

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