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Water, Water Everywhere

There is no sound more annoying in your yard than that of traffic noise.  A great way to get around this is have a water feature.

Here are a couple of ideas:

1. Install a pondless waterfall.  What is this?  A waterfall with no pond?  Preposterous!

Let me explain. Pondless waterfalls do actually have  a pond, it’s just underground.  The cool thing about that is, because sunlight doesn’t hit the standing water, algae and other plant life generally don’t invade your watery space.

The main kind of pondless waterfall I’ve seen is the stationary water feature, which generally looks more modern.  This is where you have an art piece of sorts that has water running down it.  It’s a clean, low maintenance water feature idea for your yard.

2. Listen to the babble of a brook.  Nothing makes me feel like I’m in a nice, natural environment than the sound of water running over stone.  This water features takes a bit of room, but the trade-off is a nice sound, plus a great place for attracting animals like birds to bathe in slower-moving portions of your little stream.

3. Do you already have a pool?  Install a waterfall which gushes its way into the pool.

As a kid, I loved these water features.  They are fun to climb, jump off of or swim under.  As an adult, I still like these water features – but I tend to enjoy them while floating on a blow-up pool recliner, drinking something icy.

4. Fountains put the “f” in “feature”.  Just kidding.  But seriously, fountains sound really nice, you can turn them off an on easily and, if you set them up with extra shallow spots, birds like them.  So, not only do you get the calming sound of running water, but you get some tweeting friends as well.

5. Set up a bubbling pond.  It’s really easy to install a feature in a pond which just shoots your replacement water a bit in the air, giving you that babbling sound.  This a neat feature because you can include water plants, fish, etc to the equation.

Here’s to a yard filled with relaxing sounds.

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Hardscapes – Preparing for next year

The weather outside may be frightful, but in spring and summer next year, you’ll want your hardscaping to look delightful.  So, now is the time to consider barbeques and outdoor activities which you’d like to take place when the weather warms up again.  Take a look at your yard, does that chain link fence need to go?  Is your cement or brick masonry crumbling or non-existent?  Do you dream of outdoor barbeques and entertainment?  Have you always wanted a waterfall?  Does it just look drab out there and you need a change?  Well, now is a great time to nab a professional landscaper and get your yard ready for spring and summer fun. It’s also a great present to give yourself, this holiday season.

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The Elusive Pool

It seems like during the summertime, everyone wants to be the proud owner of a pool.  “Imagine the parties” or “What a great way to beat the heat” they think.  But there are many things to consider in making your pool dreams a reality.

1. Is your lot big enough?

If you have a tiny lot, a pool may not be worth your trouble.  You can install a small deck for your barbeques and social gatherings, then put out a slip ‘n slide or turn on the sprinklers for children and adults alike to cool off.

2. Are you ready to shoulder the responsibility for cleaning the pool?

Pool maintenance and upkeep is a continuing cost which should be considered in your watery plans.

3. Do you have the money set aside to get the pool installed?

This one is key. Beyond pool installation is decking, professional landscaping, etc. Keep this in mind when gathering the funds for your dream pool.

4. Is this pool something the entire family can enjoy?

If you have tiny toddlers or babies, they may not be ready for a pool experience – or you may have to fence the pool area off for safety.  Keep this in mind when planning your pool.

I hope this helps you and your family and friends have a fantastic summer this year!

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Summer-time Landscaping

It’s Memorial Day weekend – a time when honor the brave men and women who hav given their lives for us.  Usually, though, this long weekend also is our way of bringing in summer with a bang.  Barbeques are had, slip ‘n slides are used, pools are splashed in and a general celebration of the new season commences.

This weekend is a good time to sit back and reflect on what sort of improvements you want to make to your yard this summer.

Do you want a larger lawn?  Would a deck do well for outdoor barbeques?  Did you promise your significant other you’d get a pool installed this year?  Would summer roses look glorious in a specific patch of empty space?

Take a look around.  See if your landscape would benefit from a change. There are professional landscapers that can help.

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