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Accent your natural landscape

Not everyone has their dream house, in their dream location.  But, when deciding what kind of landscaping you want, plan to accent the bright points of your home or surrounding area – while still blocking out what you don’t like. 

For example, you may have an awesome home with potential for a fabulous patio area, a fire pit and a lovely lawn space.  The only catch is that vacant lot next door.  What to do?

A) Buy the lot and add a pool, yay! 🙂

B) If you can’t afford to buy the lot, consider adding a gorgeous stone or wood wall to your landscaping schemes, or plant a lovely vine or flowering bush that will block the ugly lot, but beautify your yard even more.  Additionally, concentrate on all the beauty and joy that can be found in your own yard.  Get the porch you’ve always dreamed of, add lighting that enhances the beauty of your yard and casts shadows on that lot.

C) Do what these homeowners in Thousand Oaks, CA did and get amazing, professional landscaping on your perfect home, which is located in your ideal location.

So here’s hoping your location, home and yard stay perfect and beautiful, for years to come.

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Summer-time Landscaping

It’s Memorial Day weekend – a time when honor the brave men and women who hav given their lives for us.  Usually, though, this long weekend also is our way of bringing in summer with a bang.  Barbeques are had, slip ‘n slides are used, pools are splashed in and a general celebration of the new season commences.

This weekend is a good time to sit back and reflect on what sort of improvements you want to make to your yard this summer.

Do you want a larger lawn?  Would a deck do well for outdoor barbeques?  Did you promise your significant other you’d get a pool installed this year?  Would summer roses look glorious in a specific patch of empty space?

Take a look around.  See if your landscape would benefit from a change. There are professional landscapers that can help.

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