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Prepare Your Yard for Spring

Spring will be here as of March 20th.  The weather is warmer than it was and rain is due to fall.  So, what do you do with your yard to prepare it for the time when Southern California becomes a natural green for a brief time?  Here are some ideas:

Plan your YardLandscape Planning

It’s time to decide what you will be doing with your yard this year.  If you meant to put in sprinklers, or add a water feature, now is a good time to discuss changes with your landscaper.

Reseed your lawn 

First, rake your lawn with a stiff rake to remove any thatch.

Next, seed the lawn.

Finally, water everything.

Pull up any weeds

While not too much grows over a dry winter, we still get weeds encroaching on our lovely flower boarders or lawns.

Clean out your pond or water featurewaterscape and hardscape

In the wintertime, it can be easy to cover over your water feature and let it hibernate.  Now is a good time to reexamine it and give it a thorough cleaning.

Spring Clean your Hardscape

Now is a great time to get your hardscape cleaned off, any grass or weeds that is growing in it scraped out, and even get it sealed in preparation for the rains.

Broadcast Spring Flower Seeds

If you don’t have a lawn, or you have an area where you’d like to see a carpet of flowers, you can follow the procedure listed in reseeding your lawn above and instead of grass seed, you can broadcast seeds for spring flowers.

Clean up your Ivy

Ivy can get out of control fast.  Take this opportunity to remove any ivy growing up other plants, and to remove any dead leaves and stalks piled beneath the ivy which could cause a potential hazard.

Turn your Compost Heap

It’s easy to forget about your compost pile in the winter.  It’s chilly and you may not want to deal with outdoor chores.  But as it warms, it’s a good idea to get out there and give your compost pile a good turn and to wet it down.  Hopefully you will produce some useful compost for spring, summer, and fall.

Start your Seeds

If you like to start plants by seed, try starting some seeds now so you can plant them outdoors when springtime comes.

Here’s to a spring of showers and flowers!



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