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Glorious lawns and flowers over spring and summer

Spring is almost here, and that means summer is right around the corner.

So, how do we keep our lawns and flowers beautiful in these upcoming hot, dry months?

1. Make sure your sprinklers are set up to maximize your water usage. I’ve talked about this in earlier posts. Check out this link for additional water saving tips.

2. Feed your lawn. Much like Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors, you two must feed your plants. Feed your lawn every four to six weeks and check with your garden supply store or your landscaper for the best fertilizer to use on your plants.

3. Cover up bare spots. Don’t leave soil to harden and bake in the sun. Cover the soil with compost or wood chips – another option is planting something which will last in a hot and dry climate like a succulent.

4. Consider going native. Check out the water saving abilities of a native Southern Californian landscape. You might be surprised with how beautiful and easy such a landscape can be.

5. Use all that compost. Have you been following the latest and greatest in gardening trends – composting? Use it to feed your plants and protect their roots from the water-leaching sun.

6. Make sure your plants have a well-balanced meal. Ensure the compost/fertilizer you use will be the best for your plants and the bugs and the bugs which support it. If your fertilizer is lacking in vitamins, like B1, try feeding it directly into the root system. Additionally, ensure your fertilizer won’t kill off the good bugs which are helping your plants thrive – like worms and bees. This may mean you have to go organic or use a different form of pest control like oil on trees and such.

Here’s hoping your garden, lawns and landscapes thrive during the hottest and dryest parts of the year!

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Summer Gardens

It’s officially summer, birds are singing, the temperature is rising and children are eagerly awaiting vacation – if they haven’t already been let out of school.  It’s the time of year when the whites, blacks and grays of winter are packed away and the vivid colors of summer are officially okay to wear.  Why should it be any different for your yard?

Perhaps you have a lush lawn or some great hardscaping, but you can always add a bit of summer color to each by putting out potted plants that soak up the sun, or adding a border.

With that in mind, here are some wonderful plants in bloom right now:

Roses, Magnolias, Iteas, Wild Geraniums, Blue Stars, Coral Bells, Gaura, Salvia, Sage, Catalpa, Hydrangea, Astilbes, Clematis, Poppies, Petunias, Pentas, Lantanas, Lilies, Elderberries, Prickly Pear Cactus, Purple Coneflowers, Butterfly Weed, Lavender, Shasta Daisies, Asters, Hibiscus, Sage, and more.

You can buy them at  your local garden store, blooming and ready to go.  Or you can get with a professional landscaper to design the perfect yard with plants that bloom during each season in your yard.

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