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Healthy, Happy Lawns

It’s a great time of year to really keep your lawn happy and healthy to show off when October 31st rolls around.

Here are some ideas as to how to do this:

– Keep deep watering your lawn. This allows your lawn’s roots to go deeper as well as seek richer soil and more water sources during this dry fall season.

Water in the wee hours of the morning. This prevents root rot, and makes sure the water soaks into the ground before it has time to evaporate.

– Cover up any open patches of dirt. If you have sections of your yard on which grass simply won’t grow, cover them up with compost, wood chips or hardy plants.

– Overseed and feed your lawn. This lets your lawn regenerate with healthy new sprouts, along with keeping the older, deep-rooted lawn fed and happy.

– Watch for water run off. If your lawn is sloped or irregular, it’s a good idea to see where the water is going. Consult with your local landscaper about sorting out any water run off problems.

– Try to keep decorations and people off your lawn. You can do this by hanging neat Halloween decorations on trees or stringing them between lamps or other tall objects. Additionally, you can make sure your paths are well-lit to light the way for children and their parents as they come to your home to seek treats.

Here’s to a fun and colorful Autumn!


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